Monday, 22 August 2011

Some Old Drawings ( 1998-2001)

These are some old drawin works made by me when i was an school student (1998 - 2001). Please feel free to put your comments and share.

||Drawn in 2000||

||Drawn in 2001when i was in 7th std||
||Drawn in 1999 When iwas a 6th std student||
||Drawn in 2000||
||Drawn in 1999 when i was a class 4 student||
||Drawn in 1999. Resketch of the work made an artist from my location||
||Drawn in 1999||
||Drawn in 1998||
||Drawn in 1998||


The one of Nehru and the one of Ganpati=beyond amazing. :O
Not to say that the rest are any less... :)
But I loved those two!
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