Monday, 26 March 2012

A girl in deep thoughts- Pencil Drawing

Pencil drawing of a nude girl in deep thoughts.

Medium : Pencil
Date : 26 - 03 - 2012
Time : about 2 hours
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I like this...
check also

Thank u @6f26aa8d04f665e218ffca57104ed33a , @422b96cce2522dbd359bb89793f4ac3c , @060e070cdf07114c466e7d344ac5541d & Saru Singhal :)

It's nice. like the minute detailing you have given. but when compared with your other works, I feel it's just ok.

 :) thanks @e8418f4a1ca84789d8d660dc96fdddbe :)

That is a perfect one. 10/10! I love the expression on her face.

 thank u so much Umashankar Pandey :)

valare nannayirikkunnu ella sristikalum....!  pls try to draw the picture of
evergreen hero PremNazeer, the malayalam actor

valare nandi.. theerchayayum Prem Naseerinte pic varakkan sramikkam... :)

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