Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Sachin Tendulkar- Sketch Using Pen

Rough sketch of Indian cricketer Sachin R Tendulkar. Made using black ball point pen.

Medium : Pen

Date : 21-02-2012

Time : about 30 mins


Wow! 30 min.... that's great. But how did you manage to get those shadow strokes and hair interlacing with pen?

@e8418f4a1ca84789d8d660dc96fdddbe : Thanks.. Actually used a gel type pen for hair n other dark shades. ordinary ball point pen for the rest :)
sahana : thank u :)

I like the the way you drew hair. Good work!

That's very well done! And that too in half an hour?! Cheers

@8536393f445b2a2afe2b0fc9b42b84a1 , @0248727781b827e729692ec708bab8d6 , Manreet S Someshwar : Thanks :)

it is so simple. i can do it very easy.

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