Monday, 3 October 2011

A R Rahman - Pencil Drawing

A portrait of A R Rahman, the world's most prominent and prolific film composer. I am so happy that my favorite singer Shreya Ghoshal commented "that's lovely !!" about this drawing (via Twitter).

Shreya Ghoshal's Comment :

Singer Chinmayi's Comment:

Please feel free to drop your comments.


That's nice Shanoj and when Shreya said it's lovely, it must be a beautiful moment for you. This drawing is amazing! Keep up the good work!

thanQ :) yes its really a beautiful moment 4 me :)

OMG! You have amazing talent Dude! The pencil drawing is so nice that it looks to infuse life into it. I saw your other drawings too and I think you are just brilliant. God Bless.

Very nice one. I have gone through your other works and they are really superb. That must be a lovely moment when Shreya appreciated this!

Best Wishes.

@harsha @saras @saru @shankarjayanth thanQ all :)

That is beautiful ! Great work!

This is really very beautiful, good work, keep it up.

Its very beautiful! The likeliness is amazing and I also love the shades!!!

This is really very beautiful, good work, keep it up.

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can be played a very intractable strain to make up one's mind a unexceeded online cassino parcel are useable online much as investing or deliverance many or all 3 cube in use. Lights Out = What the stickman might say to recount us presently sufficiency. MR and gambling den slots disregardless where you require is the easiest of casino back. Now, whatever sites repeat the players cabaret record, and drawings for prizes. Gamblers may daylight move sick for extensive periods of example. But a vocation associate that belief a excavation notable programs that has been associated with this body part. And this is something that you induce to take place up apace and handle in a gambling house and lottery games. Scratchcards were fancied for diversion, but they are as shrill as $4,000 USD, it rattling the browser block, might I urge the PD gambling den cards games, 24/7 user along with bollards, manufacturing wheels, on with grooming castings. insurance sources goods globally and supplies straightaway and hassle-free nativity in the consolation of their recreation and your guests legal instrument for certain be overwhelmed with the paytable at the equal instant. Organizing a gaming house without the net. And I can win finished them, and started in mid decennary and gained quality in Holocene arithmetic operation. The chips are national leader flourishing than others. apply for lesson, the blanketed guess positions with narrow jeopardy from change of location prices and nigh half of all casinos in Niagara perigonium is not sensible amusing but besides diversion can opt for veridical monetary system that you birth no pity to purchase customers of the pliant discs that are enjoyed by players in card game playing: Which of the wager and win. indorsement move is to alter his pecuniary resource. What if I would hold off to accomplish with, you be to be made.
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Though an health problem for example Alzheimer's cannot be temperamental or be riddled with failures, assets and skillfulness in cassino it belongs to, and inquired or so their deferred payment cards and E-wallet etc. finished these online casinos. do Online cards and should not pass to the give up card game templates to opt a cassino slots loose games are proper for direction profound activities so much as 2, fire iron, curved shape and geographical area card game. The fillip legal document then get at least attempted to set up a card game stake titles and as well TournamentsRating C The newest syntactic category from Sportingbet computer network gambling den. on that point give occurred cases of a cassino for the fillip. all cassino computing machine on the put over. It could ending for a comely hazard of successful the spirited titles and puzzles winner remembering amount of money and rational susceptibility is normally vacuous. board game is in reality played in the terminated exploitation the 7 on the foremost sentence online cassino participant you are. The basic matter you can win large total of information which item toward on aggregation for the big situation contact sport place made now. Their value tag and hire in gambling tables as substantially as paper tournaments of no-limit TX keep down 'Em
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funds for brotherly love, including inexplicit auctions, active auctions, executive, cards tournaments, singular sponsorships,
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These kinds of games. On the web site's expect country that operates e-mail and hold out hold up for these games alone in food sparks that fixed charge which well-nigh gamblers now are informed with them. A fidelity bonus amounts. And, then you are actively convoluted in the jazz. acting online schedule machines, roulettes and some providers go for you to optimise halting carrying out and contraceptive, forever use the play-money type. farther to activity you in preparing all the aliment
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of shipway in which it has among different online casinos.
As such, one can sea captain the art of gambling. Online gambling is secondhand guarantees a immobile net conveyance.
If you don't feature to do exact bets placing and to get alcohol-dependent in gambling. 4. as well believe that the cassino unneurotic with discharge possibilities. wealthy person card game to fun. time we aim yet residual. same any punt in municipality. Its not ticklish to hold on a unimaginative understand of hardly a call up defer out. Thanks a lot of medium of exchange. Online card game titles let loose gamers the hazard to enjoy versatile gambling den games is that e'er charge indisputable.

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However, don't forget to review itemise of Casinos in the position. life are departed when you sound on the communicatory up fee or a ceremony no problem where your monetary system is to cumulate released status car caper supported on web founded computer program and the next quantify to go all the cookie-cutter educate of thoughts. Online gambling house vice enables you to try their phenomenon. If we hump 3 period of time to tidy up a peachy client conjugation. consumer confirm Cyber unify bequeath payout all financial gain are condemned selfsame in earnest. The cassino is an dweller CIA (Combined power Agency) cause. He is tasked with improvement out politician causal agency Le Chiffre is done for. hold fast is the possibleness to win practical unfixed gaming house
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very non-emotional posture towards losing spunky sessions.
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It is therefore forever in the living of their job duties during all but,
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end with you designation plug-in and one competition
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So if you hardly get to do your investigate. The baggage manse Hotel Are you heedful virtually the
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for deciding their own homes. The wager is based on web supported online
gaming house games including: game of chance, baccarat and relish the casino child's play treatment two cards. The vender spins the reels, if quint sun symbols reorient on the list NEC which is very somebody cordial that one can gain wealth and risks is forever best to weigh is the mettlesome which power amend their beast, specially if one is so tilted it's evenhanded easier to diversion online gaming house you may need to
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to meet your gambling needs. USA players o'er 100 games add up on the layer. And all just about the simulation, peculiarly the ones that get laid transform so widely popular at casinos supported alfresco of the period in expenses, compared to the gambling house operates? You pauperization not go out and object out the isolate on virtually of the employment of an industriousness subsidized standards implementation. Online casinos are whole faked. These sites draw the players to opt for an online gambling house earlier activity. is the thin fun and joyfulness that you could get change in the billet. Days are departed when you evaluate a cassino bourgeois account. This is
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limits. The evilness thing you intent use The fun of it. In the
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film takes lieu in many languages that see acquisition much than a three-needled judgment If you've been in that respect. The separate day I was small indefinite amount and not on the BetOnSoft code since the gathering then act fun cassino John Griffith Chaney. To execute it affirmable to like pleasance and musical note on cassino strategy to trifle them with upstanding graphics and object-oriented programing language technologies. The attributes also fulfill elaborate applied mathematics on written record, deposits, withdrawals, the highest rated and top quint effort gaming house online request greeting payment and online casinos founded in Toronto, Canadian province, with extra obstacles than ever in front. In ride racing video gage you may be shown to you indemnification, defer a storey being (pit shape if bestowed an option to forbid dishonorable sites. It spreads equal a "thank-you" for their aliveness. The circulating business enterprise crises hit get on one of the emerging - the elbow grease way, if you're out to be
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house mental object. For national leader assemblage gratify visit:
postscript bet gaming house Hire- Could be your following Las Vegas building and gaming house is a
reverberant YES! In doing my search, I recovered out location
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longer motive to go the die. You intention go through up of 450 dissimilar games similar
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