Saturday, 3 March 2012

Night - Pencil Drawing

Medium : Pencil Drawing
Time : about 1 hour.
Date : 03-03-2012


hi,check my blog,i have nominated u for an award

@310fe267f075d8848ea0bad07f35c8d3 Arnab Maity @d0434e09906c87cf4a7a8f7139222b85 : thanks :)
@e64e38e0d63310069ecce5bb5c20cd64 : thank u so much 4 ur nomination :)

It is a very beautiful drawing, buddy. I like the concept of the drawing. cool.

poojajain0511 @f0efd511b92be226e243ef14b9cf3731 @60cab5687e5e78b2f1b99f02e12faa36 : thank u all :)

Like the way you did the 'moon'. Lovely work!

Nice... You've captured the night's charm beautifully...

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