Saturday, 24 March 2012

A building at night-Pencil drawing

Medium : Pencil
Date : 23-03-2012
Time : about 2 hours

Actually i was trying to make a 3D drawing. A car parked in front of a building with 3D effect. But that didn’t really work. So i decided to split it into two separate drawings. A building at nigt and a pencil drawing of a car.

 Here is my failed attempt at 3D drawing :P

Car- Pencil Drawing
Medium : Pencil
Date : 23-03-2012
Time : abiut 1 hour


It cannot  be called a complete failure...I liked it :)

What are you ? i have never seen such an art... Honestly i will not have a look at drawing, just because i dono how to draw..

What you have done is a WONDER,,, still you call it as FAILED one?
Gonna slap you right now !YOU MUST BE A PRODIGY.....

I guess u had give some amazing works here, this is not that bad too. For me its jst grt. I hope nxt time u ll get both ones in one paper :)

 thanks @b087f758428c3fcf400cdd100e963194 :)

hey, shanoj..!! beautiful sketches, liked it very much :)

 thanks Gautam Brahma :) Glad u liked it :)

its not a failed attempt might not understand, but its really good...dunno y on earth you thought that... :O

Tell me how to write in 3D..."Sanoj The Height of Modesty"

Failed?  no way, they are still good. and the 3d effect, I'm sure I'll get to see it on this blog very soon. 

 thanks @9ff8b24a306da315c2cdb384ccd65351 :)

 thanks @e8418f4a1ca84789d8d660dc96fdddbe :)

Why you said, failed? Second work is marvelous...

Awesome!!! I have never seen anything like this before.

I like how the light seems to illuminate your drawing.

assalayitund,, expecting more varieties,...

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